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PDA International testing is a unique system designed for evaluating behavioral models, personal aspects and abilities. The PDA testing is similar to the MBTI (Myers-Briggs) methodology and the DISC theory (Thomas system.) In 2014, Alex Primus became the Gold Partner of PDA International (Argentina, USA) exclusive representative in Russia. PDA is a behavioral assessment that through a simple, precise and scientific methodology allows to discover and analyze peoples’ behavioral profiles. It is based on Marston’s theory and is intended for business valuation and personnel development. The PDA test allows to identify and analyze the behavioral profiles of your staff and candidates. Respondent testing is purely voluntary and is conducted by qualified certified specialists. After completing an assessment, Alex Primus clients receive the following objective information: • Behavioral profile; • Leadership style: leadership + decision-making + communication; • Business style: contacting + communication + deal conclusion; • Strengths and limitations; • Current situation: motivation; • Key competencies compatibility; • Personal development plan; • Productivity growth guidelines. PDA International testing has repeatedly confirmed its efficacy for businesses around the world. PDA testing helps companies enhance their human resources systems and improve business performance management. It provides obvious advantages to the employer in finding and engaging talents: • Improved teamwork and communication: open-minded PDA recommendations on staff compatibility; • Selecting the best specialists: a PDA report will reveal the latent talents of the candidate and will help conduct a substantive interview and ask the right questions; • Ideal choice: the PDA assessment provides a clear and unbiased personal profile, thus ensuring the right choice in staff hiring or promoting; and • Discover strengths and weaknesses: the assessment identifies the advantages and disadvantages of your staff. Learn more about the benefits of PDA testing for your business on the website of its official dealer in Russia: http://www.globalconsulting.ru/ To order a PDA assessment please go to: http://alexprimus.testpda.com/ PDA Testing: Key to Career Development! Candidates, professionals, managers and everyone interested may undergo testing to obtain an unbiased evaluation of their competencies. You will receive a structured report (summary and detailed) on your behavioral profile, expressed competencies and communication and marketing skills. The report is presented in a simple and convenient format. The findings will help you with career reorientation and with choosing a future line of work, thus allowing you to better understand your strengths and weaknesses. Testing results are strictly confidential. Respondent testing is purely voluntary and is conducted by qualified certified specialists. Welcome to our psychometric behavioral assessment (PDA)! For a full description of PDA testing and a short video please go to the website of PDA International authorized dealer in Russia: hppt: //www.globalconsulting.ru/ To order a PDA assessment please go to: http://alexprimus.testpda.com/ 

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